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All amounts quoted exclude VAT.

Tenant’s Occupation

Unless agreed to by the landlord in writing, tenants are only allowed occupation of the premises once the landlord has signed the lease agreement and has received the deposit or original bank guarantee.

Agent’s Commission (new Leasing)

Commission is calculated as follows:

  • 5% on the first 2 years rental
  • 2.5% on the next 3 years rental
  • 1.5% on the next 3 years rental
  • 1% on the balance

Commission is payable only once the lease agreement has been signed by both the tenant and the landlord and the deposit or bank guarantee has been received. Commission is payable on the initial lease period only. No commission is payable on renewal periods or additional premises taken. Commission is payable only on the brokerage which is effective cause of the finalised Lease Agreement.